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Clamshells & Special Attachments
for Long Reach, High Reach and Material Handler Front End


Clamshells  |   Grapples  |   Thumbs


There are several attachment options for the Long Reach, High Reach and Material Handler front ends. Various models of the Clamshell Bucket and Grapple are displayed below.

Additional information on these attachments will be displayed when it becomes available. Please contact the Ransome sales office if there are any questions regarding these attachments.

Clamshell Buckets

clamshell bucket 'CY' Series Hydraulic
Clamshell Bucket

'CY' Series Hydraulic
Clamshell Bucket
clamshell bucket

clamshell bucket 'CY' Series Hydraulic
Clamshell Bucket

CY Hydraulic Clamshells     2008 Pricing
Capacity Price
2.6 cubic yard $ 25,190
3.9 cubic yard $ 30,690
5.2 cubic yard $ 42,900
6.5 cubic yard $ 46,090
Another Hydraulic Clamshell
hydraulic clamshell
clamshell bucket 'NC' Series Cable
Clamshell Bucket

'NC' Series Cable
Clamshell Bucket

clamshell bucket

NC Cable Clamshells     2008 Pricing
Capacity Price
5.8 cubic yard $ 49,000
7.8 cubic yard $ 59,000
Additional 'NC' clamshells....
NC clamshell
NC clamshell NC clamshell
NC clamshell
NC clamshell      large clam
More Cable Clamshells...
Wire Cable
Clamshell Bucket
clamshell bucket
clamshell bucket Wire Cable
Clamshell Bucket

Wire Cable
Clamshell Bucket
clamshell bucket
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The GP series heavy duty grapple is a reinforced box, 2-tine clamp over a over 3-tine frame design, ideal for rough, tough and general utilities applications. Recommended for rock handling, land clearing, stacking, piling, scrap handling,... where applications require maximum clamping and prying force. The lugs designed works perfectly with or without a quick coupler. Full tensile steel construction with internal reinforcement.

GP20HD Grapple
GP20HD Grapple
GP22HD Grapple
GP22HD Grapple

- Demolition, rock handling, stacking, piling, general utilities.
- Ideal for applications where it requires maximum clamp force.
- Handling of waste material for recycling industry.

- Ease of assembly, work perfectly with or without quick coupler.
- Reinforced box design.
- 2-tine clamp over 3-tine frame design.
- Large surface area for maximum load.
- Unique "A" frame stiff arm for enhance distribution of clamping force for 40 ton (88,000 lb) or larger excavator.

GP series Grapple
Specifications -- July 2008
Model Excavator Class (lbs) Weight (lbs) Height Width Length Max Jaw Opening
GP 20xx 44k - 55k 3,300 61" 46" 36" 101"
GP 22xx 66k - 77k 3,960 61" 53" 43" 109"
GP 33xx 66k - 99k 5,280 64" 57" 44" 113"


Heavy Duty Grapples prior to Painting

Orange Peel Grapples

Large self loading grapple  ---  model SLG-12000
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thumb attachment
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PMCS Clamshells

(more details to follow)



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