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Our Manufacturing Factory and Facility
Modern facility for long reach packages.

Long Reach Packages
History of our Long Reach Products Factory

Our factory owner, a natural born entrepreneur, founded his business in the early 70's during the golden era of the construction boom. As an avid businessman with a never ending quest for new business ventures, he started his business with another industrial veteran and friend, who specializes in fabricating mechanical parts for the construction and marine industries. His partner, a talented individual with strong passion in mechanical works, has excelled in designing various customized parts and attachments for the construction and marine industries. Both men bring to the market more than 50 years of combined experience in the industries they serve.

The many years of manufacturing mechanical attachments for the construction industry, as well as customized fabrication services, have well positioned them in producing quality products that meet the stringent requirements for today's products. At the end of 2006, the factory moved to a brand new facility to cope with the increasing demand for products. This investment in new equipment enhances product quality, workmanship, productivity, as well as, to enable our factory to develop new and more sophisticated products for the future.

"Long Reach boom and stick products have been our bread and butter for all these years. The fine tuning, improvement and optimization has won over our customer's confidence which has contributed to our growth and continued success."

Long Reach Packages

Long Reach Packages

Long Reach Packages
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Long Reach Package in Progress for CAT 375,  70'

Long Reach Packages

Long Reach Packages

Long Reach Packages
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