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Pontoon Excavators

New from Long Reach High Reach (LRHR) is the Pontoon Excavator specifically designed to maneuver and go through swampy areas with soft underfoot terrain where traditional excavators cannot go. This excavator can perform dredging while staying afloat in shallow water.

The pontoon excavator is extremely productive in dredging, erosion control and erosion prevention. It also provides efficiency in waterway, river and pond shoreline construction and can be used for maintenance and clearing of rivers, lakes and all other water projects.

The track chain of this vehicle is a three rail system. Shoes and cleats are supported by the track chain which provides a unifying pulling force with superior weight-to-drive ratio across each track shoe and cleat.

A manual expansion system allows the pontoons to move in and out by one-foot on each side, thus increasing and reducing the overall footprint of the unit. Highly maneuverable, the system is made of high-grade structural tensile plate steel with some steel components made with 100,000 psi steel.

Uniquely designed for easy break down and re-assembly in a matter of hours, the Amphib MB and 20-ton excavator top can be shipped economically in three containers for contractors doing jobs in remote and distant areas.

Our pontoon excavator makes difficult soft terrain and swamp dredgings a thing of the past. Our specially developed amphibious machine goes where no standard excavator ever could. If you are in need of our Amphib MB and 20-ton excavator top feel free to contact us at 609-257-3706 for details and answers to any questions you may have.

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For more information or any questions on this unit,
Percy Ransome can be contacted at the following:

Cell: 215-350-1165
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