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Swamp Buggy

Features of our swamp buggy:
  • Easy assembly using the machine itself to load out and assemble.
  • Top machine can be dual purpose stand and machine for normal digging and in a few hours be converted to a marsh buggy for really wet applications.
  • Easy transport with two trucks one stepdeck for the bottom and traditional low boy for the top. No crane or forklift required for assembly.
See our swamp buggies in action:

The swamp buggy has proven itself well in the following applications:
  • Dredging
  • Landscaping
  • Erosion control and prevention
  • Deepening of waterway and river delta
  • Maintenance and cleaning of rivers, lakes, shoreline, ponds, etc.
Attachment:  Standard configuration of the Marsh Buggy comes with a long reach attachment unless otherwise stated. The convenience of an extended reach and greater working range is always a welcomed advantage when carrying out work in marsh land and dredging related projects.

click here for Additional Info / Videos for Marsh Buggies

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For more information or any questions on this unit,
please contact Percy Ransome

Cell: 215-350-1165
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